Most Innovative Business

Our supercomputer, which is used in the rendering process of your scenes, has won a prestigious award for the most innovative business of the region. It's a summary of two years of hard work, during which we created the hardware architecture and software.

Preparing a Timeline Scene for Rendering

Proper conduct of the scene preparation may considerably contribute to optimising the rendering costs. While rendering a project – be it an animation or a single shot – using a render farm enables us to use several variants of settings for our timeline. While rendering a project – be it an animation or a...

Render Smart

Running a professional render farm many times we have come across users, who due to their own errors overpay twice or even thrice for their rendering. Against the popular opinion we do not want the users to pay for mistakes, on the other hand our service is based on renting CPU power.

When NOT to use a render farm

You may say that the title goes against our interest. Yet it is the truth - using a render farm is not always worth it. When faced with a perspective of a long wait for the rendered files one should consider whether using a render farm pays off.

Flickering – how to deal with it?

Each and every person who works with modern render engines (like Vray, Mental Ray, Advanced render or Kray) supporting Global Illumination surely wanted to prepare a fully animated scene. Rendering an animation lasting a few seconds with GI on a single (no matter how powerful) computer may take days, or even weeks.