During the project’s implementation, we encountered various challenges, but each of them helped us draw valuable conclusions that contributed to the further development of our company. With an innovative approach, we not only created an efficient solution for rendering 2D images but also an excellent tool for research teams working with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This success proves that Polish companies can compete in the global market, offering modern services based on high-quality equipment and innovative technologies. We believe that our experiences can inspire other companies looking to grow in the rendering industry and in the field of artificial intelligence.

By supporting the development of science and creative industries, we strive for continuous improvement of our services. We hope that our rendering farm will contribute to creating increasingly realistic images and animations, as well as discovering new possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence.

Together, we proudly look at our achievements and eagerly await further challenges. The computing power of our system, combined with innovative technologies such as CPU rendering, GPU rendering, and GPU virtualization, allows us to meet customer expectations and the dynamically changing market. We believe that the future will bring even more success for our company and the Polish technology industry.

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