How to get an estimate?

This calculator will give you an idea on how much would rendering your project would cost and how much time it would take processing it at our render farm.

The calculator was made based from actual render results. You should keep in mind that the rendering time of the individual frame depends on many factors. For that matter, it is best to use the average time selected across several frames placed in various parts of the animation so that the calculation is more accurate.

Cost Calculator


We are the Cheapest Render Farm on this Planet*

*the prices quoted are net prices

Standard Plan

$0.015 / GHz

The cheapest rendering – the standard price is 1.5 cents per GHz per hour. If you use our pre-payment system, you can lower that to as little as 0.5 cent per GHz per hour!

Pro Plan

$0.03 / GHz

Balanced plan combining speed and a really low price from 3 cents per GHz per hour. Pre-pay now and you can lower that to as little as 1 cent per GHz per hour.

VIP Plan

$0.06 / GHz

Lightning fast renders with our VIP Plan. Spoil yourself and render with the highest priority, in the low price from 6 cents per GHz/h or 2 cents per GHz/h with the biggest discount.

Renting GPU server “LEM”

1 server

10x GeForce GTX 1080Ti
2x Intel Xeon E5 2620v4
128 GB RAM

$3 – 6 / h

Our standard price is $6/h of server use.

If you use our prepayment system, you can lower that to up to $3/h. You can rent from 1 to 15 machines at once, as long as there are any available.

Volume Discounts

amount paid (USD)free creditstotal credits received
$25010 (4%)260
$50020 (4%)520
$1,00080 (8%)1,080
$1,500180 (12%)1,680
$2,000320 (16%)2,320
$2,500500 (20%)3,000
$3,000720 (24%)3,720
$3,500980 (28%)4,480
$4,0001,280 (32%)5,280
$4,5001,620 (36%)6,120

Nov 29 - Dec 5,2019

Get extra free credits when paying these amounts:

  • $100 = 110 credits (+10%)
  • $250 = 312 credits (+25%)
  • $250 = 312 credits (+25%)
  • $1000 = 1400 credits (+40%)

Extra credits are applied automatically upon checkout.

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