Running a professional render farm many times we have come across users, who due to their own errors overpay twice or even thrice for their rendering. Against the popular opinion, we do not want the users to pay for mistakes, on the other hand, our service is based on renting CPU power.

Incorrectly set scenes are a classic example of efficiency loss. Everybody is at a loss – the user loses money, and we lose the opinion of the cheapest render farm on the market. The user will not remember how many times the scene had to be altered due to the errors, and the high bill. How to avoid high costs? How to render quickly and cheap? All you need to do is remember a few simple rules. First of all, do not postpone rendering with a farm until the very last moment.It is best to begin cooperation when the project is entering the end phase. Due to the super fast rendering on the farm you will realize really quickly which elements of your scenes demand correction. You will be able to see whether we support the plugins you use and check the quality of the rendered frames.

Secondly – run tests. It is much more reasonable to render every 20th, or even 50th frame via our uploader and check whether everything is OK, than to realize that all the frames are no good after having them all rendered. You save money, and – what is equally important – time. You will be able to stop the rendering and set it to full range any moment you choose to. Additionally, if the test turned out OK you will wait less for the final results of your rendering (part of your frames will be already calculated).

Thirdly – optimize your scenes. Optimizing your scenes shortens the time needed to render them. In this case, time is money. All the rules can be applied to other farms as well, yet we have prepared special tools making it easier to test the scenes and upload them (along with all the scene elements) – that means re-linking the scene elements. Our goal is not to rob you on your first rendering. We want you to be satisfied and recommend us to your friends. And foremost we want you to come back for more.

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