3D animation, visualization, large format rendering, your own movie, or maybe special effects for Hollywood production? No matter what you have on your plate today, what are you working on all night long, it’s important to do it well and quickly. The key elements are 3D objects. Of course, you can make them yourself, refine every detail, spend hours choosing textures, only for the client to throw this particular object out of the final version of the animation. Another common solution is to collect free objects and include them in your animation. It looks good at first glance, but only at first. The number of free items of sufficient quality is limited, so the same bundles of items appear in hundreds of animations. The last solution is programs that transform a series of photos into 3D objects. It looks beautiful on paper, but to get a good effect, you have to use the right lighting and precise photo solutions.

You can also buy high-quality models…

Shop with 3D models, because that’s what we want to offer, which will help you to quickly and easily prepare a 3D scene. An additional advantage of our store is that you use it directly from the app. Thanks to the solution that we have bought under the brand 3DBee.IT, you will get access to high-class 3D assets straight from 3ds Max, using the drag & drop method. Our application is integrated with the rendering farm, thanks to which you will get the final renders very quickly.

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