Server GPU | Copernicus Computing Render Farm


The fastest Polish supercomputer “LEM” has been made available for rendering. It is currently the fastest GPU rendering farm in the world – created for artists who do not know the trade-offs.


Go to registration to create a new account. No fees, no paperwork, fast and with a trial hour to use on the server for free. If you have previously rendered on our CPU computer “Copernicus”, log in to your existing account.


Log in to our Web Manager. You will receive a .rdp file with access credentials. Install software according to your needs. You can transfer any files between your computer and GPU server via any third party FTP service or directly via RDP.


Render, process data or test your CUDA programs – Our GPU server offers you gigantic capabilities, and only you decide how you want to use it.


The first hour on our server is free for setup and testing. After this hour has passed the cost for your hours of use will be automatically deducted from your credit balance. Our standard price is $6 per hour but you can lower it to $3 using our prepayment discount system.

Go there if you want to render with CPU