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About Us

Get to know the amazing people behind Copernicus Computing.

If we were to talk about funny facts about us, we would have became stand up commedians. Enough to say that we are a bunch of uncouth nerds, sleeping on hard drives and making drinks out of processors. The office looks like a world domination command centre. Plus the water glasses. The favourite pastime activity of our employees is leaving half-full glasses of water in random places around the office.

Michal Organisciak

President of the Board

He started his adventure with 3D graphic in the 90’s. Originally he used LightWave, creating more or less complex models and visualisations. He is currently managing the users’ scenes, supervises the programming and supervises the spending of subsidies. He likes simple, fast and effective solutions. In private he is a fan of 4×4 cars and medieval swordfighting.

Tomasz Swidzinski

Vice President of the Board

The architect of the entire enterprise. He has been involved with 3D graphics for years. Later he began creating hardware and software solutions to suit the needs of render farms. Each day in his mind he builds ever more powerful farms, plans the data flow and innovative rendering solutions. In his free time, when he is not planning render farms he is trying to learn everything about everything.

Marek Peregonczuk

Hardware Virtualisation Technician

Marek gained his experience mainly by coping with problems that nobody else wanted to deal with. Thanks to his flexible mind and being a quick learner he is able to solve all kinds of problems concerning hardware virtualisation.

Lukasz Bazyluk

Project Manager

Precise as a Swiss watch – Lukasz fastens all the projects together, giving them their final shape and determines whether they are in the deployment phase. He is able to perfectly organise the work of developers, so that the final outcome is in alignment with the projects goals.

Darek Wos

Lead Developer

Darek is responsible for most of the software that has been developed for the company. He grasps new technologies in a flash and thus our software is always a couple of steps ahead of the competition.

Tomasz Kepa

Director of IT

Tomasz owns a decent collection of vintage computers – starting from ZX Spectrum, ending on high-end Amigas. He says that someday he will build the fastest supervintagecomputer in the world. Thanks to his efforts, the farm operates at 125% of its capacity having only 80% load.