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How to get an estimate?

This calculator will give you an idea on how much would rendering your project would cost and how much time it would take processing it at our render farm.

The calculator was made based from actual render results. You should keep in mind that the rendering time of the individual frame depends on many factors. For that matter, it is best to use the average time selected across several frames placed in various parts of the animation so that the calculation is more accurate.

Cost Calculator

Pricing packages

We are the Cheapest Render Farm on this Planet

Basic Plans

The Standard Plan

$0.015 / GHz

The cheapest rendering – the standard price is 1.5 cents per GHz per hour. If you use our pre-payment system, you can lower that to as little as 0.5 cent per GHz per hour!


The Pro Plan

$0.03 / GHz

Balanced plan combining speed and a really low price from 3 cents per GHz per hour. Pre-pay now and you can lower that to as little as 1 cent per GHz per hour.


The VIP Plan

$0.06 / GHz

Lightning fast renders with our VIP Plan. Spoil yourself and render with the highest priority, in the low price from 6 cents per GHz/h or 2 cents per GHz/h with the biggest discount.


Special Packages

Starter Pack

At the beginning everything seems difficult.

Our starting pack means that you will get full help and the possibility to render with our assistance. You get $10 bonus when you buy this package


Free Test Pack

Inclusive of a free test render.

Per each of your scenes every 50th frame or the 1/10th of the resolution for stills is tested. Render without any risk with your free test pack.


The 11000 Pack

Special discount!

For $11 000 you will receive the equivalent of $17 500 You get $6 500 for free for your renders in any prioity you chose for sure this is the beast deal on market


The Business Pack

You will get $75,000.00 worth of creditd for rendering.

Exclusively for the VIP priority with full assistance from our side, a member of our staff will be appointed, from the beginning to the happy end. You also get free tests in this pack


Ready to farm?

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