3ds Max Render Farm

Render your high-resolution stills and animations faster and easier with a powerful & reliable rendering service.

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Why Choose Copernicus Computing?

Easy, quick, artist friendly setup

Seamless integration with your 3ds Max pipeline

Smart scene-setting check

and automated uploads and downloads

24/7 live chat support (no bots)

Activity monitoring and notifications

Intuitive and easy to use interface

Cost estimation and cost control


you have arrived at Copernicus Computing’s dedicated 3ds Max render farm. Our platform provides extensive support for 3ds Max plugins and render engines, ensuring that your projects are rendered without any problems. With our seamless integration into 3ds Max, uploading and rendering is made simple and efficient. Our team of expert wranglers is available round-the-clock to assist you, even under tight deadlines. Elevate your 3ds Max workflow with Copernicus Computing.

Full intergration with:

24/7 tech support

Contact us any day at any time, including weekends and holidays.

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Fully automated CPU & GPU render farm

  • easy plug & play integration with your 3D software
  • support for all major 3D software and plugins
  • choose from CPU and GPU nodes
  • 20,000 CPU cores & 2,000,000 CUDA cores
  • flexible pricing plans from $0.015/GHz & $0.0025/OBh
  • volume discounts up to 50%
  • easy cost estimation before rendering
  • 24/7 real-time support and monitoring

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